A few weeks ago, we watched a video about the Google Cardboard. Basically, what the video covered was what Google Cardboard can achieve and how the technology is being used in environments like schools. Something I found neat was the fact that Google Cardboard is being used in schools as a way of taking  virtual field trips, giving students the opportunity to go to places they may never normally be able to go, and I couldn’t help but think that virtual reality is most likely going to change the game as far as technology goes.

VR isn’t even necessarily something that’s new. In class, we’ve been discussing how the technology has been worked on for years now, it’s just that it never really hit it off due to the expense. As time has gone on, VR seems more accessible than it once was, and I think that will play a key role in its potential popularity in the future. I hope to see more instances of VR like Google Cardboard integrating themselves in environments where the unachievable can be made to be achievable.


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