It seems that just about everybody has an opinion on internet activism nowadays, especially with Twitter becoming a hub for people to spread information and express their views on tension that’s occurring across the globe.

Personally, I think that websites like Twitter are great when it comes to spreading information on events that the news either isn’t covering or is only providing biased coverage of. I think “online activists” get a lot of flack for being overly sensitive or lazy, but I disagree with those claims. While I’d definitely opt for “getting out” and trying to make a change in the physical world rather than being online, I think online activism can start the discussions necessary to push people to do whatever they can in the physical world.

I think there’s a misconception that because something is occurring online, that automatically makes it less important than something that’s happening in the “real world.” The fact of the matter is that online activity IS apart of the “real world”, which means that online activism is just as capable as creating change.

Are there people that are more talk than action? Absolutely, but I think you’ll find that in just about any activist circle, whether it be online or offline.


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