I wasn’t in class for the selfie discussion, but the topic of taking selfies as a form of empowerment is a topic that’s always been interesting to me on social media.

Personally, I’m not somebody that takes a lot of pictures of myself. In fact, I typically avoid cameras at all cost. However, I know plenty of people that find selfies empowering. It’s a form of self expression, and in a way, an easy way to improve one’s self esteem by getting used to one’s appearance. Websites like Instagram give their users the opportunity to post pictures of themselves that they find appealing. These websites are a way for their users to share when they’re having a good hair day or just generally feel good about themselves. It’s pretty rare for someone to willingly post a picture of themselves that they’re not a fan of, so the power to share images that users feel good about is part of the empowerment. The attention that comes with posting these pictures is another perk, but in my opinion, it can also be considered a bit of a downside to “selfie culture.”

While I think selfies can definitely be seen as empowering, I think it’s important that we remain aware of the relationship we maintain with social media currency, or the likes that comments that come with these pictures. Sharing a picture of yourself because you feel confident about the way you look in said picture is great, but determining your self worth based on the attention that photo receives isn’t. Selfies are a great tool for empowerment, but I don’t necessarily believe they should be the ONLY tool of empowerment that our youth uses. After all, there is more to life than the reactions one receives because of their physical appearance.


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