With this class coming to an end, I figured it was important I did a bit of reflection on our final project.

My partner and I did our project on the media’s portrayal of the debates and its bias towards one candidate. By the end of the project, we were able to conclude that the media tends to focus more on dramatics than actual political discourse, and that in this specific election, they had a habit of portraying Hillary Clinton in a more favorable light. What I took from this information was that the media is unfortunately very capable of creating false perceptions of what’s actually happening in the world. The media might not necessarily dictate how we think, but it is a primary source of information, and when they’re providing their viewers and readers with a false sense of security, that’s a problem.

I would say that this project helped me realize what I hope to accomplish as a potential media maker. I might not be interested in being a reporter or journalist, but I am very interested in putting my work out there, and I hope to maintain some self-awareness about how my work can affect others. Through my work, I’m sharing my perspective, but it’s incredibly important that I keep in mind that if I’m given a platform, I need to use it wisely and ensure that I’m not being misleading.

I think there are many media outlets that take advantage of their power. They know people are listening and know that they can shift opinions if they try hard enough. I think this is dangerous, and with our media constantly changing, I hope that others will see this and try to make necessary changes.


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