This past week, we’ve been talking a lot about the dangers of telling a single story. Between listening to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie discuss the importance of venturing beyond a single story and watching the Half the Sky documentary, it’s been made clear that there is still a lot of work to be done when it comes to sharing different perspectives of minorities across the globe.

I think the discussion we’ve been having fits in pretty well with Moonlight’s recent Oscar win. While the film has its Western elements, it managed to break the “boundaries” of what stereotypical Oscar films entail. It was the story of a gay, black experience, and that’s unfortunately not a story that’s often shared. The movie’s Best Picture win was historic, with it being the first LGBT themed film to win in the Best Picture category, and that’s something that’s probably going to mean a lot to anyone that’s able to relate to the film’s content.

Obviously, Moonlight’s Best Picture win doesn’t mean The Academy/film industry at large is perfect when it comes to representation and diversity. However, I think the fact that the film resonated with people shows how important it is to go beyond the “single story” and share the experiences of people that aren’t always represented in mainstream media. Not only does representation offer audiences variety, but it opens room for discussion and brings society closer to embracing people’s differences with rather than ostracizing those that don’t fit unspoken molds.


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