Medium describes itself as “a place where everyone has a story to share and the best ones are delivered right to you.” It’s a website that covers a variety of topics and gives power to its users by allowing them to choose what kind of content they follow, making it the perfect hub for writers and readers alike.

Audience Profile

What’s interesting about Medium is that your audience depends entirely on what kind of content you’re creating. It’s kind of like a crossover between your average blogging platform and Twitter. People will choose to follow you if they’re interested in your work, so you have a bit of control over who you’re trying to appeal to with your posts. That being said, Medium as a whole obviously brings in certain types of people. It functions primarily as a website for news and opinion pieces, so if someone isn’t fond of reading articles that can get a bit lengthy, chances are they aren’t going to be interested in what Medium has to offer.

Purpose of Publication

As mentioned earlier, Medium is ultimately whatever its users want it to be. It can function primarily as a source for news if users decide that’s the type of content they want to follow, but there are also plenty of writers on the website that write about entertainment, politics, and more.

Frequency of Publication 

While post frequency will depend on how many people and topics users choose to follow, Medium as a whole is updated multiple times a day with various articles. Certain categories will be updated more often than others, but the website never seems to dry up.

List of Competition

I would say that Medium’s biggest competition would be general news websites, think piece oriented sites such as Thought Catalog, and really any kind of website that gives writers a platform. However, the appeal of Medium is that it doesn’t necessarily have one specific audience. There might be websites that offer similar content, but don’t cover the same amount of ground that Medium does.

Style Issues

The style of Medium’s pieces fits right into what we’ve been learning in this Digital Writing class. You want something that’s going to draw readers in quickly, but you also want to remain thoughtful in your words. Visuals are important, as is giving readers the chance to skim through if they choose too. I don’t think it’s necessary for me to change the website’s style guide. It serves its purpose of drawing readers in and keeping them interested.

Information Challenges

The biggest challenge in writing a piece for Medium is writing something that’s going to stand out in a crowd of already great pieces. It’s important to avoid being repetitive in your content, because chances are nobody wants to read something that several people have already said on the same website. The second biggest challenge would be finding an audience in general. A lot of the content that’s promoted on Medium is written by established writers. As a writer without an established fanbase, it’s going to be a bit more difficult to get my work out there.

Your response to the information challenges

It won’t be easy, but I think the most important thing about creating original content is simply finding a way to have my “voice” stand out among others. Any topic I might cover might be similar to something that somebody’s already written about, but that doesn’t mean those pieces have to be the same. I am capable of coming up with my own creative twist on something. As for finding an audience, sharing my work with my peers is the easiest place to start.


I think Medium is a great platform, especially for an assignment that focuses on creating online content. It gives me the opportunity to potentially submit whatever I come up with once my article is complete, and that’s something that’s really appealing to me.


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