Beyond Hashtags

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I created a Storify for my live tweeting experience during Wagatwe Wanjuki’s Beyond Hashtags: Using New Media to Combat Campus Rape Culture workshop. Click the link above if you’re interested!


/Film Manages to Slash Its Competition

Blog name or title: /Film

Blog Author (If one author): Multiple Authors

Brief description:

/Film is a blog dedicated to keeping its readers updated on the latest happenings in the film industry. With multiple contributors posting content on a daily basis, /Film keep202977a90925dac81c1313fc4c684f0c.pngs its readers informed by posting casting news, trailers, reviews, and more. 

Why I like this blog (include why you chose it, what about the blog matches up with your own interests or pursuits):

I chose /Film for this review because I found the blog’s history to be interesting. It was founded in 2005 and started as a relatively small blog. Flash forward about twelve years, and it’s made quite a name for itself. 

enjoy the writing style that /Film’s frequent contributors present. Posts manage to feel somewhat personal and less robotic than a lot of other film blogs out there. That being said, I think the website’s layout feels a bit outdated. I think an upgraded look could help bring in a new audience, though I’m not entirely sure /Film really needs a new audience to begin with. They’ve found their voice, and I think that’s important to acknowledge.

Film Independent Helps Filmmakers Flourish

Blog name or title: Film Independent 

Blog Author (If one author): Multiple Authors

Brief description:

Film Independent is an organization that’s primary goal is to help filmmakers bring their projects to life, while also helping filmmakers promote their films. They have a blog section on their website where contributors post interviews with prominent industry figures, analytical pieces on certain aspects of film, and promotional content for films the blog’s contributors are excited about.2

Why I like this blog (include why you chose it, what about the blog matches up with your own interests or pursuits):

I chose Film Independent for this review because I like the organization’s overall goal. The fact that they had a frequently updated blog was simply a plus.

In terms of writing style, Film Independent doesn’t stand out to me as particularly inventive, but it gets the job done while remaining aesthetically pleasing. The website’s visuals are well organized, colorful, and generally fun to look at. I would say the site’s layout is probably my favorite part, and their web designer definitely deserves kudos for making the organization’s website both lively and accessible. 

The Film Experience Provides Frequency and Familiarity

Blog name or title: The Film Experience

Blog Author (If one author): Multiple Authors, with Nathaniel Rogers as the blog’s founder and primary contributor.

Brief description:

The Film Experience provides its readers with frequent reviews, commentary on upcoming projects, and praise for some of the film industry’s biggest stars. 3.png

Why I like this blog (include why you chose it, what about the blog matches up with your own interests or pursuits):

I’m obnoxiously passionate about the state of the film industry, so it seemed natural for me to choose a blog that’s primary focus is the film industry for this review.

What I enjoy about The Film Experience is that it has a variety of contributors that each have their own individual writing styles. They make it easy to follow certain writers, and even include their contact information in the blog’s “About” section. Each contributor seems to have their own set of interests that pertain to the industry, so it’s interesting to read a pretty wide variety of opinions, especially during Award Season. 

I also enjoy how often the blog’s contributors post. It never feels like there’s a lack of content being posted on The Film Experience, and I think the frequency of posts played a big part in them finding an audience. 

A Brief History of Tonya Harding

Out of every “celebrity feud” that’s hit the media over the years, I’ve always found the story of Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan to be the most exciting. Perhaps that’s a bit morbid, considering that Kerrigan got her leg clubbed as a result of the feud, but you can’t deny that Harding’s fall from grace was fascinating to watch. She went from a historic figure in skating to a national disgrace, all in the span of three years. Let’s take a look at a brief outline of Harding’s rise and fall.

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