Blog name or title: The Film Experience

Blog Author (If one author): Multiple Authors, with Nathaniel Rogers as the blog’s founder and primary contributor.

Brief description:

The Film Experience provides its readers with frequent reviews, commentary on upcoming projects, and praise for some of the film industry’s biggest stars. 3.png

Why I like this blog (include why you chose it, what about the blog matches up with your own interests or pursuits):

I’m obnoxiously passionate about the state of the film industry, so it seemed natural for me to choose a blog that’s primary focus is the film industry for this review.

What I enjoy about The Film Experience is that it has a variety of contributors that each have their own individual writing styles. They make it easy to follow certain writers, and even include their contact information in the blog’s “About” section. Each contributor seems to have their own set of interests that pertain to the industry, so it’s interesting to read a pretty wide variety of opinions, especially during Award Season. 

I also enjoy how often the blog’s contributors post. It never feels like there’s a lack of content being posted on The Film Experience, and I think the frequency of posts played a big part in them finding an audience. 


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