Blog name or title: /Film

Blog Author (If one author): Multiple Authors

Brief description:

/Film is a blog dedicated to keeping its readers updated on the latest happenings in the film industry. With multiple contributors posting content on a daily basis, /Film keep202977a90925dac81c1313fc4c684f0c.pngs its readers informed by posting casting news, trailers, reviews, and more. 

Why I like this blog (include why you chose it, what about the blog matches up with your own interests or pursuits):

I chose /Film for this review because I found the blog’s history to be interesting. It was founded in 2005 and started as a relatively small blog. Flash forward about twelve years, and it’s made quite a name for itself. 

enjoy the writing style that /Film’s frequent contributors present. Posts manage to feel somewhat personal and less robotic than a lot of other film blogs out there. That being said, I think the website’s layout feels a bit outdated. I think an upgraded look could help bring in a new audience, though I’m not entirely sure /Film really needs a new audience to begin with. They’ve found their voice, and I think that’s important to acknowledge.


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