Film Independent Helps Filmmakers Flourish

Blog name or title: Film Independent 

Blog Author (If one author): Multiple Authors

Brief description:

Film Independent is an organization that’s primary goal is to help filmmakers bring their projects to life, while also helping filmmakers promote their films. They have a blog section on their website where contributors post interviews with prominent industry figures, analytical pieces on certain aspects of film, and promotional content for films the blog’s contributors are excited about.2

Why I like this blog (include why you chose it, what about the blog matches up with your own interests or pursuits):

I chose Film Independent for this review because I like the organization’s overall goal. The fact that they had a frequently updated blog was simply a plus.

In terms of writing style, Film Independent doesn’t stand out to me as particularly inventive, but it gets the job done while remaining aesthetically pleasing. The website’s visuals are well organized, colorful, and generally fun to look at. I would say the site’s layout is probably my favorite part, and their web designer definitely deserves kudos for making the organization’s website both lively and accessible.